Virtual NonProfits Meet & Greet

Online & Telephone Conference Calls

“Where there is Unity there is Strength” – Ruth Holmes-Bibb Wilson

The WHOW™ Women Helping Other Women®, Inc. SC. “Meet & Greet” is an online gathering place, that is safe, secure, private and interactive place

for women to connect with other women


Four times a year, Winter, Spring , Summer and Fall WHOW™ host a virtual “Meet & Greet” collaboration with several non-profit organizations from seven (7) regions located across the United State of America, North West, South West, South East, West, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and North East to acknowledge and recognize the community service volunteers within their organization.

The structured “Meet & Greet” allows for collaboration between the non-profits to gain new ideas, exposure and virtual volunteers.
If you are you interested in participating or you want to recommend a non-profit, if you need more information please fill-out the form below or email us at [email protected]

WHOW™ Women Helping Other Women®, INC. Nonprofit Sign-Up Sheet