Women Helping Other Women® WHOW™ Inc.
A FREE Faith-Based Community Service Program 501 (c) (3)
“Where there is Unity there is Strength” – Ruth Holmes-Bibb Wilson

Community Service Projects


“Our mission is to teach or train families, and individuals on how to incorporate Godly Core Values into their belief systems. Also, we teach children how to make better decisions that can help them to have better life experiences. We also, show seniors how to use their wisdom for a more fruitful and purposeful life”


We believe that action is the key to faith. Families come to us seeking a variety of answers on questions about how to raise children, take care of grandchildren, provide companionship to one another, and find time for individual reflection. We know that the answer lies in having understanding, receiving the instruction of wisdom, and increasing one’s knowledge. 


We will have program sites in all 50 states, including three camps and one conference center. The Organization will serve youth, adults, and senior citizens with educational and recreational programs that foster growth in spirit, mind, and body.


Women Helping Other Women® believes that true spirituality should guide and influence the Organization’s life, business practices, and decision-making. Women Helping Other Women® has established Christianity as a fundamental part of its organizational culture – the belief that the teachings of Christianity should guide the way we work and treat each other. Women Helping Other Women’s® efforts to establish certain Christian-based standards also include freedom – the freedom to believe in Christ.

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