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“Change Your Life with the Power of Self-Love"

Self-Love is the act of putting your own happiness and well‑being first.



What does God say about self-love?
God says that you are to "love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

- Mark 12:31

How do you love yourself?
You can start with being patient and kind to

- Corinthians 13:4

Most days you probably are generally okay with yourself, I know there are only a few people that accept and love their full selves all the time.

God acknowledges that you make mistakes and you fail occasionally, and that your mistakes are a simple fact of living.

- Romans 3:23

Start challenging yourself to be patient and kind with yourself, acknowledging that you are a work in progress.

Everyday practice self-talk,

"I am wonderfully made". Psalm 139:14

Self-Love is a continuous process that takes a lot of practice. The WHOW™ Women Helping Other Women®, Inc. SC wants to help you practice by sharing with you some self-love suggestions so that you can get in the habit of loving yourself.

The following are some ways you can show yourself love:
1. Refrain from criticizing yourself for mistakes you have made,
2. Stop comparing yourself to others,
3. Don't worry about others' opinions,
4. Allow yourself to make mistakes,
5. Remember your value doesn't lie in how your body looks,
6. Don't be afraid to let go of toxic people,
7. Process your fears.
8. Trust yourself to make good decisions for yourself,
9. Stop thinking that you must be perfect,
10. Don’t compare yourself or your life to unrealistic social media standards,
11. Live in the here and now,
12. Take a moment for daily reflection and gratitude,
13. Acknowledge that you can’t control everything,
14. Start a self-care routine,
15. Everyday check in on how you are feeling emotionally “

Women Helping Other Women® - WHOW™ Inc